Anyone heard of Stellar Property Group?

From: Apprentice Millionaire

Hi all,

I have searched through the archives, and I found no answer to my search.

I have been invited to attend a free presentation (seminar?) by a mob called Stellar Property Group. The words "sensible, no-nonsense philosophy with respect to property investing and institutional share trading" have been uttered in my direction as incentive to go and listen. So has anyone here heard of this group?

Apprentice Millionaire
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From: Nigel W

hey, if it's free why not?

unless u don't think u've got the backbone to refuse their smooze (if there is one).

just be aware that they're probably trying to sell u something.

If there's a "great deal that can only be bought at tonight's special price" tell them where to shove it! If what they're offering is a good product/service it should largely sell itself and will still be around next week...

bottom line - keep your ears open and your wallet/purse/chequebook closed at all times!
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