Anyone in SA want some fruit trees?

I've crossposted to Freecycle ...

I have two very pretty ornamental plums (the really dark red sort, gorgeous flowers) and a pear tree (sorry, no partridge) that might be useful for someone's PPoR or landscaping an IP. They are mature trees, maybe 4m high and the same spread, the pear is about the same height but about 2.5m spread. It seems a shame to just cut them down, but unfortunately they are right where I want to put a house.

I vaguely recall from watching Burke's Backyard that transplanting mature trees is not a quick process - prep work before you remove them and all that - but have never tried it myself. I live about 45 mins north of Clare.

I also have an olive that needs to go but its not a nice shape or anything like the other 3 are so I think that one just gets the chop with no hope of salvation. *sigh* I have to remove about a dozen trees and shrubs :(