Anyone know any cheap sparkies in Melb that will install downlights.

Hi guys,

I'm looking for an electrician replace the old bulb lighting with downlights throughout my whole house. Does anyone know any cheap ones around Melb? I've already got a quote at $60 per light and I'm not sure if that is cheap or not.

I have had downlights installed in three (3) different properties between $60-$80 per downlight. This was in July, December 08 and February 09.
If the sparkie is supplying the downlights and you are looking for the cheapest quote you can find, make sure they don't supply the cheap Chinese fittings.

They can be trouble.

Sometimes, cheapest isn't the best option. In fact most the time it isn't.

If you are supplying, no problem. (unless you buy elcheapo stuff yourself)
A friend told me that when getting a sparky to do work for you ask them what they charge per hour rather then per item that needs to be installed, they tend to price things like they are all seperate jobs, like one light switch $100 2 light replacements $150 etc etc. Im told the cheaper way is to ask how much per hour and to pay seperatly for materials used. I havent tried this but might be worth a try.