Anyone know how to put grip on cricket bat handle

We need to get the grip onto my sons cricket bat handle and it just isn't working :mad:.

I've tried rolling it like a sock and using force but am getting nowhere.

Any cricketers here know an easy way to do this, or do you either buy an applicator or find someone who does this?
If you can get it started, seal the other end to an air compressor hose and this will expand it so it will slid on......might need three hands though.
Roll it on like a condom. I've seen Clive Lloyd do it on TV. (The bat!)

I must explain: Clive has hands like dinner plates. He would put a number or grips on his bat to allow him to grip it.

They called him "The Cat" and that's how he moved. Best not put a ball in the air anywhere near him, especially in the covers. :)

You use a special tool called a bat cone. Can get one at any good sports shop :)

See "" for instructions on using one. I keep one in my cricket bag at all times!


Geez, it's on, but with a plastic shopping bag under it.

The problem is now I can't remove the shopping bag unless I remove the grip with it.

Sunfish, I tried different ways to roll it on. It gets too bulky and doesn't work.

And battler, we don't have an air compressor.

I may have to buy the special tool by the look of things.

Son has been invited to try out for a development squad this week and must use this bat.
now its on ! you can roll it partially off and remove half the bag and then the other side, i do it with my condoms ! lol i wish!!!