Anyone lives in Narwee Sydney NSW?

Hi, does anyone live in Narwee, a station after Beverly Hills? I'm a First Home Buyer, buying first property to live in. I'm looking for a 2 Bedroom apartment/house/townhouse with a reasonable size at $400k or less. If you have lived there before or are living there now, what do you think about the area in terms of: safety, shopping options, transports, etc.

This will be for living but I won't rule out the possibility of reselling it or turning it into an IP within a few years time once we can afford a house. So I'm concerned about this aspect as well.

What are your thoughts?

Hi Vinhkhoa,
Welcome to the forum. I dont know much about narwee, but seeing nobody has responded, and seeing that you are from sydney, why dont u drive to the area a few times on a weekend or weekday, shop there, ttalk to the locals and get first hand stories. My thoughts anyway.
Not a resident, but I think it would be ok. Beverly Hills is a good spot.

If in doubt, why don't you simply rent there for a while?

Seriously if its for a PPOR, its not going to kill you to actually road test the place out first before making a big commitment and buying.

Rarely will someone talk down their own neighbourhood. So you will prob need to check it for yourself.
South and east side of Narwee (ie towards Stoney Creek or close to Beverly Hills) are higher priced and are sometimes advertised or considered by those who live there as 'Beverly Hills'. More closer to Narwee Station they did a HUGE residential development in recent years, so units/townhouse wise probably not too bad.

But if you are looking at houses, Narwee is fairly close to Riverwood, which used to be a housing commission area. Having said that though, a few years ago (2008) when I looked at houses at Riverwood for investment purpose most on sale were ex housing commission on bargain (in late $200k). I was so tempted but weren't confident on taking the risk. Within a year or two later, renovated houses popped up everywhere selling at mid $500k. I regretted not taking advantage of the cheap price at the time.....

Shopping wise - 5 min drive you have Hurstville Westfield or the shopping centre at Roseland (good size too). You will also have the whole strip of restaurants to choose from along Beverly Hills.
Transport - has its own train station, but if need to drive King Georges Hwy and M5 is right there.
Safety - I personally think its ok, and both Narwee and Riverwood have improved quite a bit overall because of those new developments mentioned above.

You won't have problem renting it out as an investment either due to its proximity to trains, schools and shopping centres.