Anyone looking for a property manager in Elizabeth SA?

Hi all,

I have an IP in Elizabeth, SA. My tenant is great but the property manager is terrible. I've been trying to find a new manager to take over but it seems the good ones are all charging 2.2 weeks of rent as letting fee whilst I am only paying 1.1 weeks. Some of them also charge higher fees for admin/ads/inspection etc. I tried to negotiate on the fees but failed, so I thought if other landlords in the same area are also looking for property managers, maybe we can join forces and drive down the fees together? Most agents are happy to lower their fees if they can sign up multiple properties from the same person/group. Anyone?

Also can anyone recommend a good property manager in the area?

Thx guys
Sydsider, you get what you pay for. You currently have a cheap pm who is terrible so don't you think a better pm should get paid more? Wouldn't you expect the same in your line of work?
they charge more because they put more resources into your property, hire better staff etc, as implied above pay peanuts and you will get monkeys. The good agents dont negotiate their fees because they dont have to, they want to provide a good service and that costs money.

So you have a pretty simple choice in front of you; you can decide that you can pay a little more and get better service which in the end will probably cost you less over the course of your investment, or you can pay budget rates, get budget service and deal with the kind of headaches you have already been experiencing......
I use Rosy at LJ Hooker and have been pleased with her. Moved to them from Lin Andrews about a year ago.

While I agree with the previous posters, sometimes it also has to do with the individual pms. Rosy is a tough cookie and don't think the tenants mess with her.
I can recomend Bill Haltis from Polis properties, we refer all properties out of our service area to him.

Not sure if he will work for peanuts but, it's up to him.

we do not manage properties in Elizabeth.
I understand you get what you pay for, it's just the fees seem so outrageous compared to what landlords pay in Sydney and Melbourne. Maybe this is because average rents in SA are cheaper so PMs have to charge higher letting and ongoing fees to make up the difference.

We negotiate prices when we purchase properties. We shop around for insurance. I'm just doing my bit for PM. Ultimately if the service is better I am willing to pay a bit more.

It's interesting to hear someone ISN'T happy with the service provided by Lin Andrews because they are charging the highest fees out of all the PMs I've spoken to! Just shows expensive doesn't mean good.

Thx for the recommendations. I will look into it.
Keep well away from George Nakopoulos from PMG - Property Management Guaranteed.

I was out today to look for a proberty to rent, and met mr. Nakopoulos.
after 10 minutes i got insulted by him, for taking pictures of the proberties i was interested in. He claimed that there are enough pictures online (1 picture of the properties, from outside).
after that he started to insult everyone from the same language background (, german, austrian)
so if you are a landlord.... do you really want someone insulting you next possible lessee?
if you are looking for rent..... don`t bother PMG - Property Management Guaranteed.

And he must have a very well running business, since he can effort to insult possible customers.