Anyone selling at the moment?

Does anyone here have a house listed at the moment or have recently sold? How are you finding interest levels from buyers? Are there many low ballers? Which area is the house in and what price range? Have you had to discount much from your asking price?
No, everyone has offered the exact listed price (and then withdrawn).
Middle of nowhere, $70-90k range.
Discounted it 10% already hoping for a fast sale, no luck. Can't really go lower.
Similar story to our Highland Hermit there!

Recently sold after 5 months, interest mediocre, low ball offers (one 70k below what we just sold for!), in the north-west of Sydney, were looking for between $680k and $720k, originally tested the market at $739k and eventually sold for $705k which we are absolutely thrilled with.
2 for sale...

We are selling 2 of our 3 properties...(Keeping Gladstone!)
Long story... anyway, Corio has had some interest, but Agnes water... not much at all.
Wish us luck with these 2 selling!
I've been following your posts. Are you in Snowtown or something? :)
Not quite, but Snowtown is in this general area :) The town is one of many < 200 population ghost towns in the mid north. I do have a funeral home for sale though :D

Snowtown is actually a pretty happening place, comparatively speaking. Some big developments there. Worth a look if you're into that kind of thing.
According to API Snowtown has the 5th highest capital growth % in SA!
I guess people are forgetting about the bodies & barrels thing.
It just had a windfarm built right next to it which is a big employer, and a rather large aged care place (they store the oldies in barrels I imagine ;) ) and lots of oldie-friendly shops and stuff built there.

What are the other 9 in the top 10?