Anyone with experience on Decramastic?

OK, looks like my purchase in Sth Hedland is a goer so now Im looking into doing a bit of work to the place since its such a lovely shade of purple on the outside walls...... :eek: (actually, that icon is pretty close to the colour.......)
Brick walls painted purple isnt exactly my ideal so Im planning on possibly bagging and painting or just painting the walls. The roof however is a different story. Seems its made of some strange stuff from the 70s called Decramastic. This is apparently a pressed metal roofing material in about a 5 tile length from what I can find out, coated and then textured and sealed. Over time the sealant wears and so the texture starts to wear off also.
Has anyone had experience with Decramastic refurbishment? Im thinking a good pressure wash and then repaint into a nice light colour to reduce the effect of the Hedland sun.
Suggestions, ideas or advice would be much appreciated.
Possibly the worst roofing material ever invented! I had a house with it (which was built in the mid 70's) and it caused me lots of angst. Yes the coating and texture wore off which looked bad but worse still, it deforms very easily (as it is relatively thin) if you walk over it, and thats where it usually leaks. Do yourself a favour and don't throw good money at it. Replace it with a new metal roof - you will not regret it. Your roof truss/framing may also need some changes to to accommodate the new roofing . :)
I agree with John totally. Just the worst roofing idea ever that hit the market in the 70's. It started life as metal coated with a bitumen material with stone chips added for texture/colour. Over time, everything but the metal ended up in the gutters ! Either (a) leave it as it is or (b) replace it with colorbond.
Good luck !!
we bought a home which has decramastic roof on, we put solar panels on with westinghouse, and later on it started leaking in our bedroom. We called them and then they came in to fix it 3 times because they didn't repair it perfectly, later on we got a letter from the company by telling us that they have been liquidated,

later on again we had to call them because it started leaking again but this time they didn't even send a handyman to repair it but they send a man for inspection and he told them that it wasn't leaking because of the solar panel. we called them now they are negotiating with us to remove this roof and put a new roof on at the time of removal they will remove the panels and reinstall it without any cost.
but our carpet is gone wet because of the rain and we didn't get anybody to fix the leak. i have been calling about 100 of roof repairers they all are telling us to just get rid of it and put a new roof on. we are trying to remove that roof and put colour bond or so but everybody is busy, nobody can come and give us a quote just done with this :confused:
we are trying to remove that roof and put colour bond or so but everybody is busy, nobody can come and give us a quote just done with this :confused:

In Brisbane most roofing tradesmen are still tied up with repairs from the storms last November. Friends house was damaged then and their roof was repaired last week. The old tiles could not be matched so the house was reroofed with colourbond. You may be in for a bit of a delay to even get a quote.