Anyone worked for Railcorp?

Im a sparky by trade and usually work in construction, but it's very slow in Sydney at the moment.

Today I had an interview with some railcorp maintenance managers to work on the Tangara Fleet at Mortdale doing preventative maintenance and I got the job.

It was quite a long and formal interview and from what I gather everyone who works at Railcorp has been there forever and will never leave. They seem like a bit of a strange bunch who are very clingy and don't like change, which apparently is what's happening there now as they are breaking railcorp into two different divisions.

I will be even more of an outsider to the rest of the workers as Im being employed by a recruitment company (labour hire) for the first 6 months. One of the managers walked me around the centre and I got a lot of strange?angry looks from some of the workers.

Have no idea what to expect, but I guess it will be good experience?

Anyone know?