anywhere to refinance HDT loans?

I currently have 2 HDT loans with Macquarie that I'd like to pull some equity out of. I don't service with ANZ (so assume not with St George either). Is there anywhere else that will look at a 90% refinance, servicing current IP loans at actual repayments?
AMP will do servicing at actual repayments and will do HDT loans but will only do upto 80%. Others that will do HDT's all service poorly.
And AMP can be hit and miss.........

Policy specifically excludes HDTs, so when submitting the deal dont make mention of the Hybrid Component !

WBC business lending and NAB will do them at resi rate, but only to 80

If personal trustee, WBC resi will do them at normal rates to 90 and with an ok servicing model

I'd start by looking at AMP. Rolf may be right, but I've generally had good experiences with AMP and HDTs. In most situations, their serviceability is excellent.