Apartment/Unit with courtyard

I'm looking to buy a unit/apartment in the Carnegie/Ormond area. However I'm not a fan of an apartment in a block with no outdoor living area - instead I would like to buy one that has a courtyard. I have seen a few places in this area where the ground floor apartments of a multi level block (approx 6-8 units in the block) have a courtyard.

Will these units/apartments command more rent if I decide to rent the place out? Will it also experience better capital growth?
I would think yes on both counts. Comes back to knowing the market you are trying to cater for though, so it sounds like you need to speak to a local property manager to discover what people in that area are looking for.

I don't know about the Carnegie area (as i don't even know where it is), but ground floor apartments in some places are not considered ideal due to security reasons. Plus, many people do not like to even rent ground floor apartments for that reason.

From a buyer's point of view (in Canberra and other areas that i frequent), the second and third apartments tend to cost more compared to the ground floor apartments. This is true even when the ground floor apartments have a courtyard component whereas the 2nd and third floor ones don't.

Again, this observation is from the areas i look at. It may be different for the Carnegie area though.

I agree - having an outdoor area is ideal and i would hate to be cooped up in an area where i cannot go outside. But this is my preference - if the demographic of your future tenants are young 20-30ish people, then they may not be too interested in that aspect. Instead, they may be more interested in closeness to bars/cafes/transport etc - and may also be more interested in security too.


Plus, many people do not like to even rent ground floor apartments for that reason.

Ironically, we had a thread on here about two weeks ago debating that renters don't like apartments that aren't on the ground in lower-rise (hence, no lift) complexes for furniture moving reasons.

So I guess all we know is that people are hard to please :D

I have a ground floor apartment in a 3 storey block that has a nice big courtyard. Being in Perth it basically doubles the size of the place and can be used most of the year. The whole block has security and I think this makes a difference. The ground floor ones have always sold at a premium and I wanted one as it can be rented to just about anybody. Singles, couples, those with kids for the secure play area, and even retirees as there are no steps.

I've had it for 5 years and I keep telling the PM I want to get in there between tenants to spruce it up, but it has never been empty for more than a week.