"Apartments in Essendon, Melbourne"



From: Dave :)

Hi all,

Have any of you Melbourne members had a chance to look at the "Grandview Apartments" in Napier Street Essendon? Regardless of whether or not you've purchased, I'd be interested to hear your opinions on these properties.

I know the area is Blue Chip...but so are the prices $240K for a one bedroom to $495K for a 3 bedroom.

I opted against purchasing here in favour of another similar development in the inner west. However, I would consider buying here in a few months if the figures stack up.

Any comments?


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From: Franky Psuedo

Can you tell me a bit more about these apartments?
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"RE: Apartments in Essendon, Melbourne"

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From: Dave :)

There are, from memory, 22 apartments in the development. They are on
Napier Street...they will have lift access as part of the complex..one
car space per bedroom...the cheapest 2-bedder is going for about $340K
and the dearest is around $449K.

It's being marketed by the ROSCON Group of Companies. I haven't got the
info anymore, but you should be able to look them up in the book.


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From: Tom Siviou

i am interested in what you bought in the inner west. any info plz
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