From: Anonymous

Does anyone have any thoughts on the best units to invest in for apartment buildings? I'm trying to decide between a bottom floor apartment with a nice garden/outdoor area and a third floor apartment with a (smaller)balcony area. They're roughly the same price, what would make the best investment?
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From: Rixter ®

Are you looking at it for yourself or a tenant? If its for you then you are the only person who can answer your questions.. If its for a Rental Propert then it all depends on the type of tenant you will be marketing it to. There's a 1000 variables to be answered from your question, or a bit like asking " how longs a bit of string?"

What are your intentions after purchase?

Happy Investing,
Rixter :)
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From: Shelly R

Hi Anonymous,
Why not consider who would be your most likely tenants.Who are the present tenants?
Two of my single female friends who rent apartments prefer to rent above ground level because of better security.
What about the position of the apartments in the complex?
An end one is probably preferable.
What about the aspect?North facing with a sunny balcony could be an asset.
Is it a quiet or busy street.
Ground level would be less desirable on a busy street.
What does the courtyard back onto?Is there
another building looking down into the yard?
Just thinking out loud,
Cheers Shelly
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