API Magazines

Hey everyone,
We have just put our PPOR on the market, and as such, are in a major de-cluttering mode in anticipation of our first home open (next Sunday! :eek:)

I have approx 30 or so API magazines all in good condition that I am willing to give free to a good home. I thought that they might come in handy for someone just starting out, or even a veteran who just wants to read them for enjoyment and reflect on the last few years:D

As I have gained a vast amount of information from these forums, I thought it might be a nice way to "give something back" to our little community :)

I am located in Perth (northern suburbs, Mindarie) however I work in Osborne Park monday to friday, so they are able to be picked up from any of these places any time.

If no takers, I might put them up on eBay although I'm not sure if they would sell there. Failing that, into the recycling they go!;)