Apparent Refunds from the ATO

Please be aware that there are scam emails being emailed to individuals claiming you have outstanding ATO refunds and that your personal details are required to finalise the refund being processed.

The ATO does NOT email taxpayers nor tax agents unless you have a current tax matter and an ATO officer has been assigned to you. 99% of the time the ATO corresponds with taxpayers is via official letters sent via the post to the postal address noted on your last tax Return.

Please do NOT open this or any similar related email to prevent viruses or even worse - identity fraud!

And please do NOT forward those emails to your accountant/bookkeeper/tax agent. They have access to your account 24/7 online and will be able to check your account or your "apparent refunds" immediately.

We've also heard that letters are being sent out with a very closely resembling ATO logo - also requesting your personal details. Please be aware that the ATO has all these "personal details" from your past Returns and via data matches conducted with your employer/s, bank/s and other Government departments.

Should you wish to double check any of your tax account/s - please contact your accountant directly.

If it looks too good to be true - it probably is!

Fletcher Tax Accountants