Appliance Retification Program - WA Properties

Appliance Rectification Program - WA Properties

Do you have pre-1980 Gas Appliances?

Changes to Western Australia's natural gas supply mean that some domestic natural gas appliances manufactured and installed before 1980 could pose a safety risk and may be replaced free of charge. The changes to the natural gas supply are currently scheduled for early 2012.

If you have a domestic natural gas appliance that was manufactured and installed before 1980, it is important that you complete the Appliance Rectification Program Form to find out if your appliances need to be checked by a licensed gas fitter.

If it is found that your appliance needs replacing, the good news is that you won't have to pay for the replacement natural gas appliance or to have it installed. We will replace your old natural gas appliance with a similar, brand new natural gas appliance and have it installed at no cost to you.