Arborist recommendations in Western Sydney

Hi there,

I'm new to the forum having browsed for a little while and recently bought an IP in Blacktown.

I am looking for recommendations of a reliable, contactable Arborist covering the Blacktown area.

I need help in assessing and subsequently removing a large Gum Tree on safety grounds, including reporting to provide to council.

Thanks for your help,
If you can wait till monday i am happy to send details of the arborist I used last year.
i think the cost was around $800 for removal of 10 trees
I hope you are kidding. They will send you a big penalty. They are not an idiot for people to just poison trees and have them removed like that.
I should've noted in my post above that I was being sarcastic.
I just got a quote from an arborist to report on the trees on my block prior to development, the quote came to $660 inc gst. Pm me if you'd like their details.
would be great if anyone could recommend a good tree removal person / business in western Sydney area. Preferably someone that can cut the tree but also take out the root.