From: Mel G

What is the best way to find out if an architect is good or not? I mean I might like the look of a property or some plans, but I do not necessarily know if it is a "good" design. For instance, I am looking at some apartments designed by Gregory Burgess Architects. Has anyone out there heard of them or bought any of their properties? Where can I get more info about them? Any help what so ever would be greatly appreciated.
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From: Adam Weisser

Hi Mark.

I have quite a number of architect friends. I will see if they've heard of these people.

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From: Juzz O'K

Contact the Royal Australian Institute of Architects in you state.
You should be able to gain references from
people who have worked with them.
Find out if they've won any awards etc.
The (RAIA) - Archicentre # 1300 134 513.

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From: Yuch .

And they have an interesting website as well...

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