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For those self-builders or developers who may want to use an architect you can post questions on the public forum at:

On the same site you can locate an architect at:

I found a post on the forum which outlined some due diligence issues. The post is called: Checks on Builders and Contractors.

There is also an interesting book section. Here is a small selection I thought might be relevent to this forum:

Building Your Own Home: a comprehensive guide for Australian owner builders
2nd Edition. Wilkie, G. & Arden, S. Revised and updated for GST.
Covers all questions posed in building a house from selecting your land to applying the last coat of paint.
Lansdowne, Australia, 2001 PB $A32.95

Alterations and Additions to Your Home:
a comprehensive guide for Australian Owner Builders Wilkie, G.
Lansdowne, Aust.,1998 PB $A 32.95

Domain: Houses Inside and Out (Sydney Morning Herald) Harris, Cynthia
This book gives an up-to-date picture of the exciting and stylish developments that have been taking place in Australian domestic architecture. Forty Homes are featured: houses, apartments, terraces and out-of-town dwellings. Some are new, but the majority are renovations and reworked interiors. All were designd in the past couple of years. It includes some technical drawings, specifications, products and suppliers and extensive colour photographs documenting the innovative solutions to living in Australia. Viking, Australia, 2001, 164pp, PB $A O/P

Australian House Styles Stapleton, M. & I.
Using annotated line drawings the Stapletons identify the twenty two distinct house styles built in Australia since 1788. Flannel Flower Press, Aust, 1997.105pp HB $A 38.45

Finally, I found a 32 page PDF doc on the merits of using architects which I attach here.

Regards, Mike

Sorry, the file size is 182KB which is outside the limit of 102KB set for this forum. So go to the following link and near the bottom of the page click You and Your Architect.
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