Are Section 94 Contributions Tax Deductible?

Apologies if this is a silly question, but would section 94 contributions for a building entirely for the purpose of investment property (ie. to rent out) be tax deductible?

For those who aren't familiar with them section 94 contributions allow local councils to charge a levy to anyone developing for contribution to public amenities and services.

Part of cost base for when you sell, not deductible against income. At least that's what I understand to be so and have done in the past.
s94 Contributions

s94 contributions generally form part of the cost of the attached land. Typically I see it across a parcel of land by a developer. Lets assume a parcel of 5 uniform lots that cost $1m....And a s94 of $50,000. The cost of each parcel becomes $210,000 from the purposes of trading stock !! As land is developed (linen plans, water, sewer, comms etc, roads paths, lighting etc) and then sold a profit can be determined.

Apportionement issues - Yep. Area, value, size, etc....

When sale occurs each lot will have a higher cost. Thus lower cost. The cost is tax deductible sort of. Its deferred as part of the cost using the trading stock methods. Ther are some strategies a clever accountant might suggest. Comes with a sting this area of planning...The more you push costs one way it smacks you the other way....:)