Are these cleaning costs excessive?

Not sure if I'm just thinking like a tight rse or if I've been taken for a ride. Just got charged $580 for cleaning a small 3 bed townhouse. As the tenant has only just moved in the invoice is being held over til next month and all that was provided on this month's statement was "cleaning, carpet cleaning, stove top and oven cleaning - $580". The walls were freshly painted and the oven is only a month old and hardly used so feeling a bit ripped off. Recently had the same job done in Eastern Suburbs for $380 so surprised to be charged this near Parra. I've left a message for the PM for a breakdown in costs and the time taken to see what hourly rate they've given themselves. At prices like this I should become a cleaner!
I am also quite amazed as to what cleaners are charging. i got a quote for $1100 for cleaning up a house that was trashed by a tenant. But at least in this case there was a lot of rubbish and furniture that was left that needed ot be removed.
i think what u were quoted is ridiculous.
For that type of money, i'd clean it myself
For that type of money, i'd clean it myself

You say that..... but the things you're faced with sometimes really make you question it as a money saving device :eek:

I speak from experience as we (usually) do all our own cleaning. Most of the times it's okay. Dirty, but okay. Very occasionally, it's nightmare-inducing.
I am also quite amazed as to what cleaners are charging.

We were having a look the other day at what our Vendor is being charged to clean the IP we are thinking of buying. 120K pa.....yeah right.

One of the rellies volunteered to give up their job as a teacher and become the cleaner. 3 hrs a day, 6 days a week. 80K pa. Home by 10 in the morning to do as she pleases and earns more than teaching. We pocket the diff.

Cleaning - it's a rort !!!
We use commercial cleaners on a regular basis and a full exit clean which includes full cleaning of the kitchen inclusive of oven, walls, steam cleaning of carpets, windows and bathrooms varies from $350 to $450 inclusive of GST.

In my opinion $580 seems excessive considering the condition of the property you describe.

Maybe next time ask for a quote and shop around a little.
I wouldn't pay more than $40 an hour for a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom place. Usually exit cleans have a 3-4 hour minimum and an extra charge for ovens, so $200 maximum is what I'd pay and have paid. Plenty of cleaners in the local paper, no need to go for a big franchise.
someone told me the rate in karratha is $100/hr cash... not bad hey, $200k p.a. in your back pocket for polishing a few mirrors?
To provide an update, I asked the PM to question the cleaner and obtain an itemised invoice and the PM also said had thought the price was excessive. I ended up only having to pay $440. While I still believe it is on the higher end of the scale I'm pleased we are now paying less. Goes to show that if u question a tradie you may find they have overcharged the "rich landlord". I hope the PM got a wakeup call too.
Or maybe it was the landlord not the cleaners trying to take you to the "cleaners".

Cleaners have a long way to go to catch plumbers :) a recent plumber wanted to charge me $2500 for a days work. :eek:.

having done numerous real estate cleaning jobs in my time i must say i think some cleaners really do earn their keep. End of lease is long an involved if it is done properly while most cleaners charge around $30 an hour in our area, i found when i did the jobs i could never do the end o lease clean in the same time as the cleaners - maybe i am too particular, but inside and out of every cupboard, every windowsill and skirting board, inside of all the windows - half the time you have to pull down light shades and clean down. it all adds up. Cleaning the oven with oven cleaner makes a mess too and in some places it is hard to find a good place to do it!
We were actually living in this property, doing a quick reno before handing it over to a PM so the place wasn't all that messy, we just preferred that someone else do the cleaning. That's why I questioned the quote as I knew the state of the place before the cleaner came in. By employing the cleaner that the PM instructs I know we wouldn't get charged any additional costs by the PM when doing the inspection prior to the tenants moving in. I guess next time I should ask for a quote first in case the cleaners do try to take advantage.