article on home ownership trends

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Just in case that link doesn't work, the gist of it is that:

1) home ownership for the 20-34 yr olds dropped from 43% in the early 80's to 33% in the late 90s.

2) the reason seems to be:

a) the usual stuff like staying at home longer, studying longer, marrying later, postponing children

b) an "underclass" of about 15% of those aged 20-34 who just can't afford a home due to their job circumstances

c) a young professionals group comprising about 24% of people aged 20-34 who could afford it but prefer mobility, travel, and thus invest in the more liquid share market.

One trend which may come out of this is longer term leases being sought i.e. 2-5 yrs + (which is common in Europe apparently)

These figures are probably slightly dated and will, of course, be affected slightly by the FHOG; however, they remain food for thought!

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