Asbestos Advice in the contract for Sale

Dear All,

Appreciate your valuable sharing/advices whether we should proceed to purchase the unit if there is a 'Abestos advice' in the contract for sale in Canberra.

Is this just a general statement for all the contract for sale for house/unit/building before 1985 ?

What is the implication ?

Your help is very much appreciated as I am not in Aust and try to offer a unit from internet.

Propertunity, noted and thanks for your prompt reply.

anyone here,bought such kind of unit with (asbestos advice ) in Canberra ?? any regret ? is it safe for kids to live in this kind of environment ?

any valuable sharing is very much appreciated.

cheers !
almost all of these older homes contain asbestos, this is safe as long as it is not broken up and thrown around the rooms as a dust,
the property reports just lets you know it is there, it is a standard clause on property reports.

some places it is/was used.
bathrooms, walls only
eve soffits.
rarely roofing, but it was used.
behind the electrical board.
and in the ceiling cavity as insulation, but most of it has gone now.
i have heard the old hessian bags that asbestos was delivered in was also reused as carpet underlay.
Canberra is not that old so their are not too many homes that had this .
but please use your own diligence when renovating.
Everywhere i look at work there are yellow signs warning that asbestos is present.Above me,below me, to the side,everywhere. They dont remove it they just warn people so you dont create airbourne particals. And this is a military base where throwing away money is there number one pass time yet they still dont remove it. So no worries.
Also if things did change in the future im sure there would be another government scheme to help people pay for the removal. That would be nice but cant see it happening.
Dear All,

Thank you for your reply. sigh !! I need a temperoary place to live from now till end of 2012.

The price of house in ACT has gone up too much......any 3 bedrooms house is in mid 400k. Not prepare to pay that much for 3 bedrooms house.

last week, i start looking for unit, almost all the 1 bedroom unit is at 300k and was happy to find these 2 bedroom unit at about 300k, near Belconnen. Come with car park and storage.

got the contract for sale from agent, is very worry about this asbestos advice.

my main concern is future sell, whether it is easy for me to sell in future ...if it is not for sell, is it safe to rent to tenant ? as the law state that we also need to inform tenant about this clause.

I am not on the ground to feel the sentiment and my deadline is today, need to revert to agent.

thanks for your attention.
I don't have any figures, but there are so many houses with asbestos in them that if you want to avoid it totally, you will perhaps find that difficult.

As others have said, if you leave it alone, you will be fine.

It would not stop me from buying. In fact, even the houses we have that didn't have asbestos in them at the initial building stage have had it added over the years during renovations, and/or building in rooms underneath, lining laundries, downstairs toilets etc.

My understanding is that if we have this removed (one of our IPs is totally built in underneath with asbestos roof sheeting) we can claim the removal in that tax year.