Asbestos and Property Investment?

Anyone been following the media reports of late? The call has gone out to renovators to be aware of the dangers of asbestos whilst doing home renovations. Meanwhile, the trade union movement has urged governments to remove asbestos from all Australian homes before 2030.
Last week a couple renting a house in Canberra were advised by WorkSafe ACT, to find somewhere else to live after the house's owner contracted a builder to undertake renovation on the house.

DIY reality TV shows have been criticised for not warning viewers about the risks when demolishing parts of old houses.

Several reports have been released, of late, relating to the increase in cases of Mesothelioma in Australia, a disease caused by contact with asbestos. More than 500 Australians die each year from this cancer.

Asbestos in a house is not necessarily a health risk as long as it is not disturbed. Asbestos has been used for decades in home construction and industry. It is often called “Fibro” and will be present in almost any home built from 1930’s to late 1980s.

Along with the “Sustainability Declaration” that is in place in Queensland I fear we could see a similar process relating to Asbestos. Investors, buyers, sellers and renovators would be wise to consider this now. A great start would be to talk amongst ourselves.
the dust from the asbestos is of course dangerous

remember to wear a p2 respirator

even fibre cement sheets when cutting has dust - best to just stick to waterproof plaster.
Without trivialising the dangers of asbestos, the reality is that most of us baby boomers (me included) played with the stuff as kids. Fibro was good for little kids as it was easy to cut, break and nail. And it was the unpainted off cuts we played with.