Asbestos Removalist Contacts

Hi everyone

Does anyone know of a good reputable asbestos removalist servicing the middle eastern suburbs of Melbourne? Preferably someone you have used before and can vouch for their work?

I'm trying to remove a lino floor about 12 sqm in my first home and am a bit hesitant of picking a supplier straight out of google/yellowpages with no referral at all. I heard a story once that some operators don't wear any protective gear when removing asbestos and that's kind of freaked me out a little!

Thanks for your help!:)

I don't mind it they arent the cheapest in town, I guess I'm more concerned whether a good job can be done. I'm a little paranoid about asbestos and wouldn't mind paying a third party to get the work done.

How do you find their work? Was it up to your standards Tools?