Asbestos Shed - Keep or Remove

At the back of my (just settled) 1970's house is a built on shed (2m x 3m with asbestos sheeting - a man cave of sorts. One of the asbestos sheets is split from top to bottom.
Do I remove the shed completely or do I paint it all and hope that seals it?
Could the tenants sue me down the track for having it?


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If it is damaged, I would definitely get it removed.

Don't try and remove it yourself (in fact, don't go near it) - pay a professional to do it.
My understanding is that if it is cracked/broken then it poses a health risk and you could be held responsible.... but I am not 100% sure. Does your property manager have an opinion?
The PM doesn't have an opinion. A handyman said the boards were in good condition and the split was over a post so that could have a board put over it.
He said it could be painted so it's sealed and left.
There are many properties that have asbestos in them, we have a beach shack that is made of asbestos. I had an expert come and view this. What he said was long as you do not disrupt the asbestos its apparently not an issue, its the fibres that are of concern.

However, I am no expert. I see you are from Perth, I contacted City of Mandurah and found out who their asbestos removal contractor was, he was brilliant and provided me with useful information.

I would contact someone like this for advice before you proceed, your choice.