Asians buying up Oz property


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From: Sim' Hampel

Yeah, it's people like Waverly_Bay who live in Hong Kong but swoop in occasionally and buy the best properties we have to watch out for ;-)

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From: Jeremy Laws

Don't believe the figures in that article. In Sydney for example walk into any Meriton office and you get an immediate 10% off the list price of any apartment. This is before you haggle, and of course everyone who has bought prior to you has paid 10% more. After a brief (<2mins) haggle a further 2% was granted to a Hong Kong Chinese friend of mine with a suggestion made that a car space could also be thrown in for 'free'. Hardly the stuff of rising boom times. Shopping time I suspect in CBD's is rapidly approaching.

BTW Sim, you have a War Chest just as good as WB's except he actually uses his. Interesting, will it be, to see growth differences in 2 years! Money with WB shall I have!
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