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From: Kristine .

Hi Duncan

We had this converstion in March last year, but this little knack still eludes me!

I have scanned the Jan Somers article, but nothing happens after I click the 'attach file' box on the posting page.

Could someone explain step by step how to do this? I have saved the scan to Word.

In happy anticipation


Oh, hang about - when I go to the second step of posting, a window which I haven't seen before opens up!!!

So, is the idea to finish the message post, view it, THEN attach the file, and bingo! it's on its way???

I'll try it and see. Cheers
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From: The Wife


Was a good read, thanks for posting it.

Cheers, TW
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From: Anonymous

<PRE>Sorry if this comes across as a rant, just
want to voice an opinion on an issue I
consider important:

The article was attached in Microsoft Word
format; a secret, proprietary format. Why?
The document contains nothing but one image.
That image (saved as a jpeg) takes up only
43k for me, whereas the word document takes
up 243k!

Distributing documents in Word format is bad
for everyone. You can't be sure what they
will look like if someone views them with
a different version of Word; they may not
work at all.

They can also carry viruses (see ).

Above all, sending people Word documents puts
pressure on them to use Microsoft software
and helps to deny them any other choice. In
effect, you become a buttress of the
Microsoft monopoly. This pressure is a major
obstacle to the broader adoption of
alternative software. Would you please
reconsider the use of Word format for
communication with other people?

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