Attack on America. Economy here?



From: Jim Kouta

Any views on the economy here? Apparently, the Reserve Bank in the USA are going to drop interest rates again by up to 1% in the next 1-2 weeks!!! This is incredible. In the world of uncertainty, I am wondering what this will bring? How are people feeling at the moment? Confident? Pessimistic? Wait & see approach?

I'm in the "Wait & See" approach. What about others?
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From: Paul Zagoridis

Wait & see is my normal unconscious mode. I actively try to take a stance that is more polarised. Mainly because "wait & see" often leads to indecision.

So I decide to pause and review in 2 days. What if that review doesn't happen? Then I say "Unless we change our mind on Sunday, we will do this."

Hence the decision to buy some blue chip stocks on Wednesday. Did I pick the bottom of the market? In one case definitely not (down 1.5% more today), the other two are interesting. I still think those particular shares where on sale.

I'd rather make a small loss taking action than regret the missed opportunities of indecision.

But... do not confuse indecision with inaction. If you decide not to act, do so boldly!

Paul Zag
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From: Sergey Golovin

As one of the American investors used to say (early in the century) when they asked him how did he get so rich, what is the secret recipe and he used to say - I usually pull out too early...

To rephrase it, I agree with Paul on that one – as longer as you are not overstretching and happy to do it, you most likely will make gain.

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