Attic storage space - Melb

Does anyone know of any companies in Melbourne who converts roofs into dust-proof storage space? The only one I seem to come across is Attic Ladders. I want a few quotes other than from Attic Ladders.

Sorry, they were the only ones I could find as well. For us it came in at around $15k for a storage room. Surprised there isn't more competition (or that the competition isn't advertising).

Good luck with it - I think it's a great idea.
Have you tried calling a competent builder or carpenter. The ladder's come in one piece that can be ordered and 15k is a lot for an attic!
We have done a few of these for clients and depending on where the property is located I can organise a quote for you.

The two main things to consider is in terms of how far you want to go with the conversion:
- do you want it to be just a storage space (not nicely plastered, no nice floor covering, no nice light fitting, still exposed beams, etc)
- do you want it to be finished like a proper room

Depending on how renovated you want it to be, is going to have a big impact on your renovation cost.

p.s. Make sure that the appropriate permits are obtained for your attick conversion.

Wishing you every success, Ana