don't see why not - as long as you don't try and pass it off as living area (height and ventilation requirements would have to be met for that).

all you'd need to do would be put down flooring and access - wouldn't even require council approval as not doing anything structural to the property.
what are you planning on putting in your attic? normal household storage stuff should be no problems - assuming the house was built properly in the first place.
It's a circa 1910 Federation timber house, and the attic would need to be used as living space, most likely 2 bedrooms. We'd like to put in dormer windows as well. I should mention it's not our house but one we're considering going for.
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do-able ...i've seen them done (right over the road) but you'll have to get da and engineering done.

That's right, however I have seen one that WAS council approved AND used as a bedroom, that was not legal at all. The space wasn't high enough to be considered a "living" room. It was classed as a "conservatory".
I was kicking some tyres getting some quotes for an attic in a terrace house in Sydney.

The total cost of getting plans, approval and installation came to around 75k. Both with front dormer and full length rear dormer + matching stair cases. The builder told me materials for a terrace attic conversion came to 30k, this does not include finishing paints and floor coverings.

If anyone knows any builders that build quality attics but at a cheaper price please advise.

I always wanted to put in an attic in my old house. It has a HUGE roofspace, I'm not sure how the celing beams would take the weight (they span 10m, only touching the outside walls and are several inches thick hardwood) and the ceiling height might be a whisker low. Could probably just chock up the 2 inch gaps between the beams and the top of the (40cm thick limestone) internal wall it passes over. I've never measured the height, but the house needed 15m of tv cable to go from the chimney to ground level so its pretty tall. It even had a 2m wide hallway that would easily take a staircase. I'd do skylights not dormers just so noone notices it has a room upstairs :)

I'll probably end up doing it one day as a holiday project if I can't sell the house this month. It would add some serious value and make the house a 3br 3 living area one.

This house is a skillion-roof extended 2 room worker's cottage so the roofspace isn't big enough to swing a mouse, let alone a cat, let alone an attic :(