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From: Robert Forward

Hi Ian Somers

Let me say thanks for taking your time out to help property investors in Australia gain knowledge through your website.

As you'd be aware there has been a bit about people posting offering "Free Newsletters" and "other services" recently. Some people have made comments for both for and against this occurring and which forum it should occur in.

Can I suggest to over come this issue that a new Forum section be created, it could over take the now unused Apprentice Millionaire Guide. And this could be the place for those of us that post about offering services, newsletters, seminars, accountants, mortgage brokers etc etc . It could be listed with a name of "Investor Services" or some such name.

Let me say that I don't want these people to stop their normal posting styles as they have been doing, as they ALL have heaps of info to learn from. It's just a section do differentiate between a "Q&A" posting to a "I have this service" posting that investors may learn from.

And of cause with stipulations that these services and such are not endorsed by yourself or Jan nor Somersoft Pty Ltd and that you need to do your own due diligence with these services.

Anyway, it is just a thought. I'd love to hear others comments about this too.

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From: Simon St John


As a newie, it seems the best way to deal with the matter.

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From: Greg Belcher

I don't agree that the Apprentice Millionaire Guide should be bulldozed to make way for a new forum area.

As a newbie I found this area extremely informative and saved me posting many beginner type questions that had already been asked before.

If you have to move these historical posts to make way for something new, then I suggest they be compiled into a single FAQ document, perhaps in PDF format and downloadable from the base login area.


Greg Belcher
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From: Always Learning

I would like to take the idea of the FAQ idea one step further.

As a Newbie to this forum, all I can say is WOW...what a treasure trove of ideas and knowledge.

Each time I look, I am thinking this; as a whole the accumulation of knowledge in this forum it fantastically valuable. I think a book could be produced from the knowledge. If not a book then the next best thing, a fantastic website! This could be a wonderful adjunct to Jan's excellent books.

My thinking is to get a team/group together and each to select an area of expertize and then compile from the archives and their knowledge each section of the website, this could be updated frequently.

<li> Strategies (wealth wheel, CG's), the cash flow positive vs. negative debate.
<li> Residential Property
<li> Commercial Property
<li> Finance, Refinance, Wraps, Banks, Mortgage brokers, Non-bank lenders
<li> Adding Value, increasing CG.
<li> Getting better rental returns.
<li> Tenancy issues.
<li> Handling tenancy, property management.
<li> Markets Overview, suggestions and tips
<li> Sydney
<li> Melbourne
<li> Brisbane
<li> Perth
<li> Darwin
<li> Adelaide
<li> Hobart
<li> Canberra
<li> Country areas.
<li> Cycles: When to sell (never), when not to buy (now), when to buy heaps (yesterday)
<li> Taxing issues
<li> Advisors, Groups, Information,Links to other sources.

So what about creating a Apprentice Millionaire Guide website, but we need many people to help build it and maintain it.

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