ATTN: Melbournians help needed

From: Robert Forward

As most of you are aware their is a BIG BBQ occurring in Canberra soon.

There are some people in Melbourne that are wanting to come up but don't have transport.

If anyone can help Brent, the organisor of the Melbourne Cashflow games (the 18 year old) in getting to Canberra can you please reply and we can organise something.

I have also posted this down in the meeting point but placed this hear for extra attention. I'll vouch for Brent that he is a good guy will a great mind. And would love to join all of us in Canberra for a networking lunch.

Please email me if you so wish and I'll put you in touch with Brent.


PS: For others that are having problems put up a posting and we'll see what we can do.
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From: Brent H.

I'd like to extend a very heartfelt Thank-You to everyone who offered to help with getting me up to Canberra for the Wife's BBQ - Especially Robert and The Wife who went well out of their way to help me find a way around some of these "hurdles".
I will be able to join you all on the 24th because of what you have given me.

Thankyou again,

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From: Robert Forward

Yipee, that is good to hear Brent.

I'll catch you there.

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