Auction And confused

Hi All,

I would like to get some advice from the experienced people here.
We have seen a property which has been listed for auction, we are interested to bid. However I have called, emailed the agent to send me a 'contract for sales ' document, I haven't got one .

When I spoke to the agent he asked me of our budget, not to show all my cards I just said its around $800, then he says the property is likely to go over a million and says are you still interested to get a copy of the contract. I said yes, then he says he will email it to me. It was last Thursday, still no sign of the contract copy.

This is very unusual I have seen agents encourage people to come to auction and send a copy of the contract when requested . I am really confused this agent seems to be un interested , he did say he currently has offer between 1mil and 1.1 mil asked me if I have loan approval.

Any ideas as what is going on here ?

He's an agent trying to extract as much info as possible, what info have you gained? Are they accepting offers prior to auction? Is there a preferred settlement period? Why are the vendors selling? If the offer is $1.1M why have they not accepted?
You'd be surprised by how many agents are just terribly **** at their own jobs. Even more so when they aren't desperate for buyers (i.e hot market)
Answer a question with a question - it confuses.

Sir Joh famously answered a journo

Why do you always answer a question with a question?

What's wrong with that?
I dont know whether the agent is taking offers, then why would vendor still go for an auction ? I am thinking its a hot market, may be he has people lined up to buy, then I would have thought more bidder will result in a higher price. Anyways I will hassle him again and see what he says.
Agent is either being lazy, thinks you have no chance buying the property or just simply forget. Give them a call or shoot through an email as a reminder