Australian Credit Licence - Registration Assistance for Vendor Financiers

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With 30 June drawing near, it's essential for all real estate Vendor Financiers, to Register for the new Australian Credit Licence (ACL) by 30 June 2010 and preferably before 18 June 2010.

This Registration is required for all Vendor Financiers who will be in the business of providing credit via Instalment Contracts and 2nd mortgages, from 1 July 2010. Vendor Financiers who will supply only Lease/Options from 1 July 2010 do not need to Register as Lease/Options are not covered under the new Act.

The Vendor Finance Institute is offering a free, step by step "ACL Registration Guide" to all Vendor Financiers at:

I declare an interest, i.e. I am a Director of Vendor Finance Institute Pty Ltd.

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