Australian House Hunters

I've come across House Hunters as a buyers agent specialising in rural areas. Like the previous poster, has anyone got any comments about them and their model.

It seems like it is a fixed price fee for one year during which you can use them for as many properties as you want.

Searching through the archives, I only found two mentions of them - one for selling US properties and one just listing them as a buyers agent, but no comments on experiences people have had with them.

Any new info since this last request in 2009?
Hi, if anyone has any experience with Australian House Hunters, please shed some lights? Thanks.

We buy a lot in Newcastle for clients and have run across them a total of zero times in 3 years. As the other poster, MrHyde has said, they seem to mainly buy in country areas and mining towns chasing rental yield all over Australia.

From memory, I think they changed hands a year or two ago but some of the original players are still with them.