B & P report to negotiate discount.

Hi Everyone,
Got a B & P done on a property and brought up more issues than i thought.

Issues below on what i didn't pickup on.

The inspector pointed out that adequate drainage needs to be done at the front of property to divert water runoff going under the house as it's affecting the front stumps with rot and there are damp spots to the back but no ponding.

Near the front door is a small crack that indicates movement and the inspector said maybe approx 30 stumps maybe affected by rot,there are 70-80 stumps all up.He could not inspect under the house closer to the front of house due to low access.
No termite shields/ant caps in place as well as inadequate ventilation to sub floor.
Inspector suggested a more probed inspection.

Approx cost on best to worst case scenario on restumping costs etc?eg:15-30k?

Prior termite activity in tree stumps etc around the house.Termite treatment will be needed.

Approx cost?2k?

Surrounding tree Stumps,rotted timber etc will need to be removed.
Fence in places need repair due to rot along with sleepers etc.

House is clad in fibro/asbestos and appears in good condition.Note:I thought it was weatherboard.
Inspector has suggested i get an asbestos inspection but i'm not perturbed.

Small old shed cladded with fibro/asbestos will need to be disposed.

Approx cost?1k?

A 60 meter tree appox to which i thought was only rotted at the top is also rotted at the base,removal warranted but access an issue.If that tree came down it would take down a fence,power lines and block a road and just miss the house down below.Another tree is down and will need removing + cutback on others due to dead branches.

Approx cost?5k?

Leakage around aging sewer pipe and has rotted floorboards surrounding sewer pipe.So leakage needs attention plus replace floorboards.

Pretty hard to cost this one due to the leak.Could be something small or major.

So any suggestions would be appreciated on approx costs.
Issues i knew about,i have already factored into the price.

So i'm trying to work out a discount going by the above issues and come to fair compromise with the vendor.

Ballpark discount figure?Any ideas/suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Cheers Spades.
Hiya Singo,Really?

Despite the unknown extent of rot to the stumps,the house has good bones imo.

Cheers Spades.
If Spades is happy with the price, all is good.

As the house possibly contains asbestos and the buyer is not worried about it, I assumed it is low priced area or the buyer is not worried about the house but focused on other potentials. Either way if the buyer is happy with the price, all good.