Babies are trouble

So I bought some cheap and nasty Asian two minute noodles the other day. You know the sort, they come with half a dozen sachets of soy sauce, chilli sauce, dried vegetables, powdered spice etc. Very tasty, well worth the 60c they cost just for my week's dose of sodium all in one bowl.

Anyway, no sooner had I eaten them than the baby stole my bowl and wore it as a hat.

So we have this baby with a shock of 80s rocker curls all gummed up with the gooey dregs of reconstituted chilli sauce, smelling like the dumpster behind a cheap Asian restaurant.

Off to run a bath. Baby loves baths. Got it about half full and she came wandering in to see what I was doing, got all excited, threw all the bath toys in at record speed and then jumped in herself, sat down and started playing.

Problem was, she was fully dressed at the time - jumper, tshirt, pants, socks, leather shoes and of course a nappy ...

Had to make quite the effort to stop laughing so we could get all the clothes off :)
I just got off the phone to 2 friends I haven't seen in a while telling me simliar types of stores about their now 18 mth old.. apparently she makes her granddad change his shoes almsot each day for ones that are the right colour, and has totally banned him from wearing slippers...
LOL. This is what my 18 month old ended up like last week after having a bowl of pasta.

Those plastic Ikea high chairs are the ducks guts...take em outside and hose them down.
Should have done that to the kid too.


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My boy is apparently obsessed with 2 we found him standing in the toilet - he's little for his age and you could have sworn his legs were curled around the S-bend..made for a great pic. At 2.5, we found him at a friends place, covered in Blu-loo..he'd decide the blu-loo tablet thing that hangs on the side of the toilet bowl is fun to spread around and all over himself, in the pic we took of that episode his smile is blue:eek: And everyone knows all males have to aim at the hanging duck disgusting
He is nearly 4 now, and has terrible aim..pee everywhere. I have a sneaking suspicion he quite likes playing with the new "water pistol" and some of the poor aim is really just seeing what he can hit...I'm hoping he will grow out of it soon. My daughter was so much easier! But we will have some great photos to bring out at his 18th!:p:D

omigosh...that's so funny. But did you tell her off whilst trying hard to control yourself from laughing? although it's cute, my kids would get disciplined for that.

anything messy, I just found it easier to feed him. I mean it's not like he's never going to be able to feed himself and I didn't think we had to rush it. Once he could feed himself well without much mess then we let him feed himself. sometimes i still had to feed him coz he would eat a lot more that way. now at 4y.o next week..he's so independent, wipes his own bum, picks out his own clothes, dresses himself, puts dirty clothes in hamper, cleans up after himself etc

I've never experienced him being messy like that. Actually once when I made him a b'day cake for him to eat by himself at 1y.o and he got most of it on his face. But that was deliberate. By 2y.o he was a very clean eater and by 3y.o, if he drops a bit of food on the table he would wipe up after himself.

I find those rubber bibs that catch the food brilliant.

also it's not nice to say 'nasty asian 2 min noodles' especially when u acknowledge it tastes good. adumpster behind any restaurant will be smelly, even a caucasian one. I'm ok with it but my hubby found it a bit racist :( and he's a very easy going guy. Just there seemed to be a racist tone there. I know it's not intentional...I just thought u should know that. sorry..i'm babbling.
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LOL. This is what my 18 month old ended up like last week after having a bowl of pasta.

Those plastic Ikea high chairs are the ducks guts...take em outside and hose them down.
Should have done that to the kid too.

Oh beautiful boy! That photo is wonderful.
60c noodles with a gram of sodium and 12 grams of fat per serve are by definition 'cheap and nasty' :p I would have described them as that if they were Ye Olde British steak and eggs flavour ... they just happened to be Asian ones that instantly smelt hideously rancid when they ended up in toddler hair. You get what you pay for ... they were on the specials rack with all the other stuff none of the conservative fuddy duddies in the country will buy :rolleyes: You think our local supermarket would learn by now that anything even remotely 'exotic' just Doesn't Sell. Same with houses and furniture. Beige and conservative, the lot of em. The guy who runs the local furniture and carpet shop will rant for hours on the topic if you get him started :D

Our little monster is 20 months. She *insists* on feeding herself - we haven't been able to get near her with a spoon for months. Ditto bibs, they *have* to be removed prior to eating. I swear she eats more than the other kid does and about 100 times faster. Probably because she's a solid year behind the other one in the talking stakes now, and the other one talks constantly during dinner.

Speaking of shoes, I am currently enduring a large tantrum because I put her *outside* shoes on (the inside ones are still very wet) and you can't wear outside shoes without being outside. So I guess I need to go outside now ...
Ah the joys of parenting a toddler whose problems can be all fixed up with a bath. Am having some issues with my adult teenager at the moment, just wish a bubble bath could fix it.
many years ago a friend told me to write a few words to jog my memory of funny incidents in my own family.

i took her advice, got an exercise book and its been something that has brought us so many laughs over the years

there are so so so many hilarious incidents in your own family and life that you forget unless you write a few words

its really worth doing.


yes i've noticed many families feed their kids for a long while and its less messy
and some let them feed themselves creating a huge mess each time.

its a choice each family is free to make.

and these kids are very very fast. it happened to a friend in front of my eyes suddenly their baby had reached and gotten hold of a bowl of food and threw it everywhere.

babies arms seem to grow longer when a bowl of food is somewhere near.

Should have done that to the kid too.

we do in summer...!

ah it's all fun and games. our 1yo climbed into the running bath the other day - she was left unsupervised for about 45 seconds while i went and got towels.

clothes, nappy - the lot.

what can you do but laugh...?
Wow, these stories confirm why I am only an aunt. :eek: I love being an aunt, but you people have far more patience than me to put up with it for more than a few hours at a time! :)

Of course I was never a baby and never behaved like this! ;)
Leikela - and sometimes they get all clever and try and change their OWN nappies! Hooooboy can that make a mess :eek:

Ewwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!! DEFINATELY not for me, I can't stand a strand of my hair on my white tiles. :eek:

I'll stick to the having fun, but handing them back to Mummy when things get gross or noisy. :)
or they just enjoy playing "smear the sh*t" everywhere - with their portable paint pot at a convenient arm's length.

My eldest (at a few months old) must have thought he'd found some Fruchocs when he undid his nappy.

I had put him to bed and couldn't work out why he wasn't settling.

Judging by the look on his face I'd say it didn't taste much like chocolate.
omigosh...that's so funny. But did you tell her off whilst trying hard to control yourself from laughing? although it's cute, my kids would get disciplined for that.

Wouldn't that be a bit hypocritical? To laugh then discipline them?

This is a toddler we are talking about. Toddlers have yet to perfect the art of self control. It's my favourite age really. Where they are able to make judgements but still have the spontaneity to be themselves.

How quickly did we go from cute to gross???:eek:

You really need to have a camera at the ready when you have kids.

I'm a teacher and do like order BUT I love kids with personality. Makes my job interesting. I always seem to get the ones "with personality". Everytime we hear of a challenging child coming everyone says " Give him/her to Lynne". Thanks
We already have one earmarked to start school next year with ODD (oppositional defiance disorder). When I was growing up it was called REALLY NAUGHTY.:eek:
2y.o is not too early to discipline. I do laugh but not in front of him. Sometimes it's hard to control but Dh and I will have a giggle afterwards. We still have to tell him that it's not the right thing to do.

But once off is ok. Just a warning..still lots of cuddles. But things like wasting food is almost zero tolerance. Josh started throwing food on the floor around that age and we stopped that straight away. He's not really picky and will polish his bowl clean most of the time now. I don't think wasting food is funny either.

If you don't curb these type of behaviour at home then it can be a problem when you go out.

We were eating out at a restaurant with our friends an she gave her 2y.o son a peeled banana. He threw it across the restaurant and it hit someone in the head. Our expression was priceless. It was funny but omigosh that's terrible. He asked for the banana, yet didn't even want it and threw itaway. Things like getting messy all over highchair and floor is quite normal though.

Kids with personality does not = naughty. There are loads of well behaved kids with personality. The problem is kids that disrupt the class and other kids and it's also unfair for other kids to get less attention because of one or a few kids. Mostly they just want attention or they think it's funny to misbehave. Rather than giving the kid what he wants, my hubby teaches the rest of the class that it's actually not very funny and as a result when that kid realizes that he's not getting any attention, he stops doing silly things and do what he's suppose to be doing. Also, the difficult kids are actually very bright and have so much more potential once their behaviour is sorted out.
But there rae situations where you can't tell them off but praise them instead.

I was thinking why I could smell s$%^ and realized I had stepped on poo! I freaked out and found the poo on my bedroom carpet.

Quizz Josh and dound out that he went and did a poo by himself, attempte dto wipe his own bum but got some down his legs :confused: then went to the basin in my bedroom, used my towel with water to wipe the rest off and somewhere in between hhe must have sat on the carpet.

It was the first time he wiped his bum so we were full of praises.

Got the carpet steamed cleaned though. It was only a little and in one area.

My friend's daughter did that and dragged her bum across the floor, they took one look and ripped the carpet up and replaced it with new carpets.

francine - those suction bowls don't work's so weak a baby can easily pull it off.
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Sif waste food. Food is for eating not throwing away*! Nom nom nom nom nom ...

Had yet another argument with The Big One last night just before dinner. She was ranking things again when she's been specifically told not to rank things (this time it was ranking the baby's toys, last time she was ranking her friends, who got hurt feelings from being ranked. She likes asking me to rank everyone in the house by how much I love them, which I try and wriggle out of). So we got into an argument, I said no dinner unless she stops arguing, she didn't, so no dinner for her. That's ok, she hated the dinner anyway.

Oh well, more for us. Very nice dinner - marinated pork ribs, rice, caramelised vegetables. The baby ate her share AND the big one's share.

*well except the time she accidentally lost some pork roast, as does happen when you are only 18 months old, and the cat came along to eat it. Baby spots cat eating under her chair and helpfully dribbles some applesauce on the cat to go with her pork :)