Baby Boomers



From: Scott Marshall

So the Baby Boomers will be retiring. The word is they will be selling to fund their retirement.
1. Selling shares thus collapsing the share market short term.
2. Selling inner suburban housing and moving to country land, thus reducing prices there due to glut of available properties.
Any comments? I am still going to buy IPs but should they be houses on 5 acres in Melton or Ipswich?
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From: H T


interesting question,

Baby boomers arent your shy retiring types like the generation before them, these dudes are goner wanna party!!!. Remember these are people that hoped they'd die before they got old...
I believe they will aim for a small place in the action and a place to relax in down the coast/country. How will they subsidize this??? well all those big places in the leafy eastern suburbs will need be sold up, the bludging gen.x kids kicked out and the new purchases will begin..
just my thoughts.
whatever they do, these 4.5 mill. punters will make a huge impact in the market..

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From: The Wife


One doesnt buy Ipswich to hold. Ipswich is a trader suburb.

Just my 2 cents :eek:)

~Life is a daring adventure, or nothing at all~
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From: Scott Marshall

So I'm right:-
worst case = share market crash, Eastern suburb crash.
best case = lots of cheap properties for a short time. Woo hoo, I think I shall keep a spare 30k (useable equity) for "emergencies" instead of doing the Henry Kaye thingy. LOL
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From: Michael Yardney

Scott Marshall wrote:
>So the Baby Boomers will be
>retiring. The word is they
>will be selling to fund their
>1. Selling shares thus
>collapsing the share market
>short term.
== It is unlikely they will all sell their shares at once and collapse the sharemarket. there is enough depth in the sharemarket to soak up these shares and there are all the new young Generation Xers who will buy their shares.
>2. Selling inner suburban
>housing and moving to country
>land, thus reducing prices
>there due to glut of available
=== They are probably NOT going to move the country. All statistics suggest they are going to want to retain or improve their lifestyle - they are not going to give it up. So Melton SOuth is NOT the place to invest (apart from the fact that their is minimal capital growth there.) The baby boomers are moving into medium density townhouses near the facilities they hold so dear - cappocino belts, shopping centres etc.
>Any comments? I am still going
>to buy IPs but should they be
>houses on 5 acres in Melton or
===That's correct still buy investment properties, and you are on the right track -look for the sort of property that is going to be in continuous strong demand by both tenants and owner occupiers in the LONG term -watch those demographics.

Michael Yardney
Metropole Properties
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"Baby Boomers/ Not me, Yet."

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From: Gee Cee Cee

I am not quite a baby boomer but have a number of workmates and friends parents etc that are.

From what I have seen very few have wanted to sell up and move to a farm miles from anywhere. Most may sell but only to buy again in a area that has smaller sized villas etc that have minimum amounts of maintenance. They are close to all of the local coffee shops etc and have good security features.

They are the Young Old.

Not like my parents who are happy to sit where they are and never do anything. They lived through depression and wars. They still watch every cent they have and will not spend on themselves. (Even as they head for 80 yrs old)

The new old are wanting FUN. After raising families they still believe life is to be lived and not saved up till you die.

Just my thoughts

Gee Cee

The aging youngster.
(No comments on my age please)
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