Bacchus Marsh - VIC

First time poster but have been reading for some time now,

Currently looking at my first IP in Bacchus Marsh (something cheap and affordable under $300k) that I can fork money into and build some equity. For those that don't know Bacchus Marsh is approx 50km west of Melbourne with a population around 15,000. I did read up about it under another topic (refer below) but that was some time ago. Does anyone here know much about the rental demand? (very few props to rent on domain, or homehound) Does anyone have any IP's there and how are they performing? (vague question I know)

Totally off topic, but we plan to retire in Bacchus Marsh one day in a nice cottage style home. :D

Lovely spot of the world to relax in. Im sure you will have success there with tenants and CG as time goes by.


I'm just up the road and hear that theres good rental demand in BM, as most of the places are bought by retirees (probably not, just kidding). But yes, rental prices are good and as there isn't as much around, there always seems to be good turn over.
We find that if a tenant give notice (28 days) we are able to secure a new tenant within 14 days we before the current tenant vacates. So there is only a few days between tenants that the property is vacant. This allows us a couple of days between tenants to finalise the outgoing tenancy and ensure all is ok for the new tenant.
Demand is constantly high.
I would suggest to avoid the estate near the cemetery.