Back yard Flat.

From: Simon and Julie M

Hi All
Has anyone had problems insuring a house with backyard flat?
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From: Wild Cat

Not really. I had to explain it to them (CGU)a couple of times and get a new schedule sent out, but they got it right in the end. I got them to actually state on the policy that the property consisted of a house and rear bungalow, but my understanding is that regular building insurance covers all dwellings on a single title anyway. I had to stress that it was a single title a number of times.

Hope this helps.

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From: Sim' Hampel

My insurance broker (with a CGU policy) made it easy for us to insure a multiple dwelling property.

There is a single cover for the building(s) - in our case a townhouse converted into 2 flats - which insures everything on the title (both dwellings).

Then for landlords insurance we took out a separate policy on each of the dwellings, as they are separate tenancies.

Note that we had to explain carefully to our broker what the property was - and it made it more confusing that there were two of these properties on separate but adjoining titles, for a total of 4 tenancies... but they got it and worked it out for us.

The moral of the story ? Get yourself a good insurance broker - they'll sort it out for you !

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