Bad bad bad Journalism! Young Property Gun

Good on her, but the land in Glencoe only costs 30 pounds so I guess the rest of the 50k inheritance went on another deposit.
Agree with you TMNT. I think its a bit of sensationalism journalism. C'mon "Sydney Property Guru"....really?

However smart marketing/spruiking for her business, but I don't think anymore than that.

We all know on here, the first property to buy, is always the hardest. Thanks to her powers of persuasion, Mum gifted by way of guarantor, so no outlay needed. Her real savings were used for the second property, with which capital gains from the first + rent return would have helped. It snowballs from there, and to her credit she is making it work.

In terms of the lay person, they don't get given the first start in that way.
Spot on!

Most people dont have any of those kick starts. Maybe one only

Realistically shed only have one ip if she didnt have the 50k inheritance and guarantor

But kudos for her for saving up from her two jobs
Good on her.
I received $50 per week pocket money from my folks during yr 11 and 12, didn't save a cent of it.
Kudos to her for having enough foresight at a young age to save some of it!

Shame Shame shame, I trust journalists as much as used car salesman, so it doenst surprise me, however

she's a self made property holder even though her family is rich

shes saved her deposits from significant pocket money

shes bought something from a $50k inheritance

Shes been to 23 countries and went to a prestigious private school

Parents as a guarantor
Clearly this is a marketing piece - if i'm not mistaken she is a broker. Very similar to the profiles on the API magz.
She's done well with the hand she was dealt. Don't take anything away from her. She's clearly ambitious, intelligent and wise beyond her years.

I hope I'm not the only one to recognise the marketing masterstroke this media coverage is (which itself speaks volumes of her business savvy). It's not an accident. She's in this month's API mag as well and I'm sure there are a bunch of other appearances already, or soon to be.

She's going to have a lot of new clients as a result.

Good on her.
Well done to her on what is a very good achievement for her age. The article is clearly a marketing piece though and journalists love these kind of stories because they can cut and paste her media release and make it look like news without much extra effort on their part.

I'm not trying to minimise her success but there is generally a level of dishonesty with many people from her kind of background (ie claiming to be "coming from nothing"). Money in and of itself is not the main or only benefit for those who come from her background. Guidance, networking and connections are often just as valuable.

For example, I studied public relations and journalism at uni. It was a competitive course to get into and most of my classmates were privately educated. Upon graduation (literally by the day of the ceremony), many of these girls already had jobs lined up at big PR firms without any work experience. If you know anything about these areas, you'll know how far fetched it is. They clearly had connections that enabled them to be offered these roles. This girl is similar. No one these days hires high school graduates with little real work experience into a policy adviser role. I work in a federal government department and we are swamped with applications when we advertise anything in this economy. She most certainly had "help" to get that role.

In addition, I wouldn't be surprised if she got her business and investment nous from her parents. They may not have given her cash handouts (although $100+ a month is quite generous) but their knowledge and experience is still very valuable. Getting the ambition and initiative on your own is a bit more difficult.

Again, not trying to take anything away from her but people often forget the importance of these kinds of things. She's done great for herself so far though and I'm sure she'll continue to be successful.
There would seem to be a lot we aren't being told in that story:
- It's easy to save and have the lifestyle if your family pays for everything you'd spend your cash on.
- A political adviser straight out of uni? What life or professional experience does she have to offer exactly? That's family connections or the right school/network.
- Having relatives take on the risk is no different to them giving you a loan, which is helping them get on the ladder.
- 50k from grandparents inheritance would get most young people in the door

This was the top comment on facebook about the story-
"She is so privileged and she can't even see it. How does a 20 year old get a job as a policy adviser for a senior politician without a degree or experience? Also, she worked AND received $125 allowance from her mummy and daddy who also were guarantors for her property and she also received $50,000 inheritance from her grandparents and was able to live at home and save her wages. Like, how privileged can you get??? And still think it's all due to your own "hard work".

Good on her for taking the risk but it's a lot easier to build up wealth when you get it gifted from your family and you have a rich family to fall back on if things go pear shaped. The average joe doesn't have any of that, which is why there is a lot of backlash over the article.
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