Bad CRA?

Had a call from one of the forum members about an 80% lend problem was a bad CRA report.

The expectation was a Peppers style product with an interest rate around the 9-10% mark.

We came up with a product that has a rate which varies between 6.85 to 7.6% depending upon the severity of the adverse CRA report.

Very flexible with income substantiation.

Application fee is $800 plus 0.5% of the lend.

The LVR must be under 80%.

No penalties for early repayment.

If anyone else is interested please give me a call.


Hi Simon,

I moved your post to Caveat Emptor because it didn't actually provide much in the way of information that people could use without actually needing to call you.

In my book this makes it more of an advert than an information post - hence Caveat Emptor is the place for it.

Feel free to post more detailed and useful information in the Finance forum !