Bad experience with leather sofa importer

Just a word of warning about an unscrupulous high profile leather sofa importer in Sydney. Not sure if I can name and shame them here, so I won't disclose the trader's name for now.

Long story short, there has now been a 7 month wait for them to manufacture and deliver a sofa I ordered in late 2009 and put down a substantial deposit for - 3 months was the original agreed delivery date. During this time, their customer service has been awful - they have made promises and not delivered, they have lied about the reasons for the delays, they fail to return phone calls and not once have they apologised for the inconvenience. I now have a new delivery date - not holding my breath that this will actually eventuate.

Just hoping that anyone looking to purchase a sofa do not go with this mob. If you're looking to buy a sofa in Sydney, PM me.
have you contacted COnsumer Affairs in your State??

I would be trying to get that deposit back pronto and get Consumer Affairs involved as they can help you with that sort of thing..
I did get Fair Trading to contact the trader asking for my deposit back. This was flatly refused. I've now taken it a step further with the CTTT and have a hearing booked during which a binding decision will be made.
It was $1k.

Fair Trading says 10 % deposit I presume the lounge is worth 10K.

A lounge does not take that long to make.............

Now about 30 years ago I ordered some tiles - still waiting (no deposit) and lets not forget my lime green vinyl kitchen table that I ordered about 29 years ago - both places have gone out of business.

Good Luck