Balcony Railings - ambulance chaser

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    25th Jun, 2011
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    Not a good news story: When Building Codes fail the occupants

    A little word of warning to anyone who has a unit (or house with balconies) - ensure that they are compliant with the BCA even if it is not a requirement from when they were constructed.

    The balcony shown in this example has a concrete upstand and a timber rail. This would not comply under the BCA as it provides a climbing rail (and is possibly below the BCA requirement for height too).

    Due to the way it has been installed (and possibly maintained), the timber has rotted at the ends, making it less stable in its restraints, allowing the timber to flex and pop out of the end channels.

    If you sit on the executive committee of a BC, you should be aware of the risks and put in place strategies to avoid accidents of this nature even if it means spending $$$ to minimise the risk to ocuupants.
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    19th Mar, 2012
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    Terrible accident that. Man died because of someone's negligence - the brackets are clearly installed in reverse. If one of my family died I would be suing everyone I could possibly rope in. Builders, body corporate itself and the the individual directors etc etc.

    This is one reason why I won't buy apartments.
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    How ever in the interest of my own double standards.

    Where I live now has a balcony with a concrete "rail" about knee height, maybe less. I'd hate if it was changed. The view (180 degress water) is that much more spectacular and its a great foot rest when I sit outside and eat.

    My feelings would probably be different if I had kids etc.
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    I noticed this myself, maybe they need U shaped brackets to stop dumb tradies putting them in back to front.

    Any block with timber rails in brackets should be getting an inspection ASAP
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    12th Feb, 2007
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    What a tragedy.....especially while talking to his missus on the phone...:(

    "But I installed that piece of angle in the way I was told.......I argued with the builder that it should be the other way around (and have a support in the middle as well).......but apparently the architect had looked at it and didn't want the exterior timber line blighted with a crappy piece of angle iron at the end........there were other options available, but the build budget was tight and the extra cost wasn't approved by the owners/Body Corporate/Investors....etc etc etc........"

    Personally I am somewhat surprised at the "quoted" expert shooting from the hip. Didn't think that these sort of things are usually said out loud and particularly preceding any sort of formal enquiry/inquest, regardless of the mans qualifications or expertise........

    (It should be noted that the angle bracket can be fully reversed and exactly the same outcome would have ensued as there are 4 installation possibilities.....think about it).