Ballarat-Property Manager Recommendations

I have a couple managed by Shocking Stupid in Ballarat. I have had these properties for quite a few years, and this is the third real estate company, and 5th property manager. I have found it better to find a good property manager than real estate company per se, and I think it helps if I make the trip up there once in a while and remind them who I am with a bottle of wine or something.
Best PM for Ballarat


By far, the best PM for Ballarat is Jamie Stephens at Stephens Real Estate Managers - that's all they do - manage properties. I have used him for a few years and they contact me very quickly to let me know of any issues. Anytime a tenant is late with rent payment, a notice to vacate is on its way. The house is so well managed I can't recommend them enough.
hi all... have finally gone unconditional and paid a proper deposit on what will be IP2. We settle on January 21 [crosses fingers]
It's in Ballarat's Mount Pleasant, so I'm digging up this old thread to see if anyone has any more current PM recommendations.
I'm with some of the others here - I'd much rather have a good person than go with a particular company, although the office needs to be well run too. I have a couple of possibles to consider, but would love recommendations (or warnings :D).
When I first switched from managing myself to an agent, I came across a specialist rental manager. She was very good, until she took time off for babies and sold her rent roll. She is now heading up the property management team at hocking stuart. I would recomend their services, Ive been with them for 3 or 4 years now.
If i was you i wouldn't go with most ballarat companies they have a high turnover rate of property manager (which are mostly young/inexperienced). I too would strongly recomend Jamie. His has now opened up a new buisness Ballarat Property Group. He is still in charge of the rental side of things. I cant speak highly enough of Jamie, Mel and the team. I have been with Jamie for over 10 years with a number of properties.