Bankwest RateTracker - linking 2 offset accounts?

Quick query for anyone who may have experience with Bankwest and the now defunct RateTracker product?

Is it possible to link two offset accounts to the loan?

Had a lite plus loan with BW, that came with one offset account and with a little bit of effort and a lot of being thrown around to different CSR reps I was able to get a second offset.

Now, recently refinanced to the RateTracker product and the bank only wants to allow me one offset account.

Happy to pay extra for the second account but apparently it's not possible?

Any one had any luck?


This could be a system limitation? I know when I was working at Westpac the systems that were (still are) used were old programs written in the 80s and 90s.

What most customers see, i.e. internet banking etc is just a fancy front end, but behind that is usually old software.

Not sure about Bankwest however.

Kind Regards,
nah, not their system my other loan with them had 2 offset accounts.

$15 is a bit steep, but need to keep the funds in both seperate so well worth the fee for me.