bathroom reno before and after

just got some before and afters of a bathroom reno.

1 bedroom unit.. total cost around $5500


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I still have got to do the kick boards and a door to put on under laundry troff.

Bathroom is only small 2 metres by 2 metres, so i got rid of the bath tub and made an open shower. We also built the shelf into the wall for soap, and shampoo.

We tiled straight over the top of the old pink tiles on the floor and made the screed for water to go towards drain which it does!

The walls were not that level so there was a lot of work to get up new plaster to tile onto. It payed off because the walls are a lot more level now. we also tiled all the way to the top of the roof. so it is a wet area type look.

reasonably happy with it on a budget..

Benchtop is made out of free style product through laminex group. It is like and acrylic surface that scratches can be buffed out of easily if they do happen.


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I think for around 5k you have done well. I just saw a cousins bathroom that he renovated and cost him over 8k and it's the same size as yours and not as good looking!
Looks absolutely lovely. Is the laminex benchtop a Corian type product, i.e. all product all the way through, or is it a finish that has to be laminated onto a board? I like the tiles at the back of the vanity, where did you get them?
Love the floor tiles, Keneth. Do you mind sharing where you got those from? Because I think your IP is in Newport (right?) and our PPOR is nearby. That benchtop looks good too. I'd love a similar look for our ensuite (it's a goal, hopefully only 12 months away:D). Nice work.
nice work with the finished reno as I hope my similar sized bathroom comes up just as well when I get it done next month.
not awesome photos... but just need to do some grouting and its all done!


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