Beautiful weather here in Perth today

Went for a jog at midday today, the last 10 minutes nearly killed me, I was so hot. Will be taking the dogs soon for their walk. Hope it stays nice and sunny.

I wander what the temp got to today. It felt like it was in the 30's, i was struggling running in the heat. I guess its cos im not used to it yet.

Shorts and t-shirts weather i love it

I've been doing housework, Kim - a necessity, I'm afraid. Washing windows, cleaning window tracks, actually moving things to clean:eek:.

It must be Spring! Nothing else could make me want to clean on such a beautiful day.
My sister and her family lives in Perth. I love it whenever I visit, especially going running and biking. It's so my less stress than in Sydney but I guess every city in the world is all relative. Sydney is stress free compared to Bangkok. :)
I actually don't hate housework Kim, just have to be in the mood.

Now my back is killing me and the house looks like a tip as I still have to put everything away. You'd think after 28 years of married life that I could thoroughly clean a house without creating a disaster and piling everything on the kitchen benches - but apparently not!

How's the IP hunting going? It was a good day to go inspecting.
I will have a maid when im in the money!! She will do the cleaning twice a week, cooking every night. :D I cant wait

House hunting going ok. Inspected 2 properties so far.
well, blokes in suspenders and bare bums under the apron just look wrong. :p

and today it's sunny again! twighlight zone here.
well, blokes in suspenders and bare bums under the apron just look wrong. :p

In your opinion :p

Actually I've had two house cleaners over the years, 1 from each sex, which I suppose is a bit unusual.

Unfortunately neither lasted very long and it's been years since I've had someone to help with the h/work. Our kids have moved out now, so I have more time, but still.....
lol didnt notice that .... hosework :D

anyway went for a nice run tonight at lake monger. mozzies bit me alive though, thousands and thousands of em.