bedroom ideas (not that kind)

I've recently got the painting bug so painted what used to be my daughters bedroom. Spare room now.
I had hog Bristle left over from a rental so used Hog Bristle Half on 3 walls. Hog Bristle 1/4 on the ceiling and Warm Neutral on the feature wall.

The quilt I'm not sure of. What do you think? I can take it back. Carpet is going.
Suggestions needed for what to put with it. A brighter colour (burnt orange?) or dark brown. I have dark brown lamps and am thinking of painting something for the wall.
I'm hopeless with decorating so any ideas welcome.

The walls actually look a bit darker than the photo.


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I'm hopeless with decorating so any ideas welcome.

I would probably pick the darker colour from the quilt to match. As for the wall painting, could you perhaps do a combo of the colours on the quilt as an abstract or something. Keeps the whole thing neutral then. Maybe a splash of colour on a pillow and incorporate that into the painting in a minor way.

The wall colours look great

1/4 Hog Bristle with warm neutral on a feature wall is my secret reno weapon. Been using it since I started this real estate caper and it's worked brilliant for me.
I don't think you're hopeless at all.
You're a very clever lady :)
Hi TravelBug,

Definately a red or burnt Amber colour in a painting with the other colours in darker tones. It needs a bright color and a warm red will stick with the other warm colours.

It looks great. I like the quilt, I just feel the room needs a bright colour in contrast to give it some life. It's lacking "life.:)

Purely my unprofessional advice of course. Please speak to an accountant before proceeding. :eek::p

Regards JO
Blue........a nice pastel/duck egg blue.

I'd use both blue and brown cusions on the bed (get ones with difference textures and colour shades) then tie it all in with some blue/brown on the wall. Maybe you could paint something swirly-wirly on 3 different canvases.

Just painted my lounge Hog Bristle (full strength) with blue cornices - love it.
Thanks everyone. I just got the spotlight catalogue and they have some lovely cushions and throw rugs so I'll look this afternoon.

Jo I agree on the needing life. The colour was what I was undecided on. Hopefully I can make a decision today.

Rob, if you call watching what others do and copying clever, well then yes I am. I saw that you used hog bristle and saw on a reno forum that LOTS of people use it. I looked at a few feature colours that others used and liked your warm neutral. I thought it was a little light at first but if you have small rooms it's best not to go too dark. So thanks for your ideas.
I'll post a photo when done.
I don't actually like warm neutral as much as hog bristle. We had a mistint tin of undercoat in the colour we used on the lounge (to cover the virulent bright blue) so for a while there we had a warm neutral lounge and hog bristle everywhere else :) Self destruct would work quite well against hog 1/4 as a feature. Our bedroom has hog full above the white dado rail and self destruct below, the difference is quite subtle at that strength.

I'd be going brown carpet not burnt orange, and like everyone else said, keep the reds/oranges for highlights in throw rugs, cushions and canvases.
I don't think painting the pillow is such a good idea. The paint will dry all scratchy and maybe spoil her sleep.


I'm not getting burnt orange carpet :eek:.

I went to spotlight and they had some lovely cushions but they were $40+ so I bought 4 different materials in orange and green. I'm going to make cushions and thinking of covering canvas for a 4 part wall hanging. Wish me luck.
I don't think painting the pillow is such a good idea. The paint will dry all scratchy and maybe spoil her sleep.

A new product called SPP (Special Pillow Paint) - doesn't dry so therefore it can't scratch! :D

Sounds like you have the finishing touches all under control Travelbug. Can't wait to see the finished room.